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History Crash Course #7: Joseph

Joseph demonstrates a classic pattern: The Jew arrives impoverished, works hard, and rises to the top. Had Jacob married Rachel as he had intended ― instead of being tricked into marrying Leah ― [...]

History Crash Course #8: Reunion

To remedy the family animosity, Joseph sets the stage for a great test. An interesting thing happens in the Bible right in the middle of the Joseph story. Suddenly the story stops. We leave off [...]

History Crash Course #9: Moses

In an all-time irony, the savior of the Jewish people is raised in the house of the enemy of the Jews. The Exodus story is the central event of Jewish history. It is also a model — in [...]

History Crash Course #10: Ten Plagues

With the Ten Plagues, the laws of nature are turned upside down to free the Jews. Once the plagues hit Egypt ― blood, lice, frogs, etc. ― the devastation continues for over a year (Talmud – [...]


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